Quiet-Air (autism friendly sessions) is for anyone ages 5 years and over but ideal for jumpers on the autistic spectrum or with sensory needs. This is the time to enjoy and experience everything about Air-tastic Trampoline Park but with the following:
  • No Music and No loud announcements
  • No strobe lights or flashing lights, only minimum house lights
  • More space and less crowds with reduced capacity
Please be advised:
The price includes entry for a carer if necessary. Carers must also be 18 years old or over, wear Air-tastic socks, complete a waiver, watch the safety briefing and be seen to be caring at all times.

Carers must not leave the participant unattended to free bounce on their own.

It is important that all customers are able to understand and can apply the safety briefing that they receive before they use the activities. If the safety instructions and advice are not fully understood and followed a customer is at risk of serious injury or death. To view our park safety rules please see our safety section.

Due to our park safety rules you will only be able to partake in the activities if;
  • You are in good physical condition
  • You have not have any pre-existing medical conditions including breathing, heart, back, neck (to include atlanto-axial instability*), bone or muscle conditions
  • You are not pregnant
  • You weigh less than 19stone and 3lb
  • You do not lie or sit on the trampoline beds (this will mean you need to be able to stand and support your own body weight)
  • You must complete a personal risk acknowledgeable form/waiver

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Quiet-Air - Sunday 15 December 2019

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